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सूर्यकिरणांच्या प्रखरतेमुळे पाण्याचे सर्वाधिक बाष्पीभवन होऊन पाणी साठा कमी होतो. त्याचबरोबर वातावरणातील धूळ, झाडांची पानें, वाऱ्या-वावधानामुळे आलेला उडत कचरा, पशु-पक्षी पडणे यामुळे पिण्याच्या पाण्याचा अपव्यय होतो हे सर्वांना ज्ञात आहे. परंतु पिण्यायोग्य पाणी दीर्घकाळ टिकवून ठेवण्याचे पर्यावरणपूरक तंत्रज्ञान राणी अहिल्याबाई होळकरांनी प्रचलित केले. मुंबईहून नाशिक महामार्गावर येताना वाटेत कसारा घाट (Kasara Ghat) लागतो. या घाटाचे […]
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These fog catchers in the Atacama Desert, Peru, also known as the driest place on earth, capture 10,000 liters of freshwater a day for drinking and growing sustainable food. Credit: Creating Water Foundation #adamdanyal #fogcatchers #watershortage
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Here are 5 innovations that help to provide clean drinking water for everyone around the globe. #SDG6
Every year, freshwater supply on our planet is decreasing, leading to a scarcity in different parts of the world. With India dealing with the same problem, Smita Singhal and her father came up with a life-changing innovation at 'Absolute Water', where they converted sewage water into drinkable water and the residue is used for horticulture purposes. Dealing with the traditional perception of sewage water becoming potable, Smita faced the challenge head-on and emerged victorious when her plant was installed at the premises of the Delhi government which has the capacity to convert 1 Lakh liters of sewage water per day. Join Jim Sarbh on Planet Healers as he takes you on a journey to showcase the stories of extraordinary people who are dedicated to conserve and preserve our Mother Earth. In Planet Healers we shed a light on the work of environmental startups in India who aim to improve the environment through innovation and determination. Co powered by 100 pipers and Associate Sponsor: Cars 24 To keep watching your favourite channels, subscribe to The Discovery Pack of 9 Channels for just Rs. 8 per month. #SafarSeekhKa #DiscoveryPacks Do not forget to LIKE, Share and comment on our videos​.​ Subscribe to Discovery Channel India Check out the best of Discovery channel in a nutshell:​ ​ Watch the Incredible stories of Modern India​: ​ Find out about what it takes, to be a Great Indian Factory Check out the stories and importance of the lifeline of Mumbai - Mumbai Railways:​ ​ ----------------------- Check out amazing facts and experiences about Indian Army, Navy, Airforce and Special Forces from Discovery India in Hindi:​ ​ Watch All episodes of Battle Ops: Battle Ops is a series on India's iconic military operations which include Operation Black Tornado, Operation Meghdoot and Operation Cactus. ------------------------ Check out how Indian Brave-Hearts train and the vigorous skills required to survive in "Breaking Point" ​​ Check out the amazing moments of Running Wild with Bear Grylls as he takes Famous Celebrities into the wild with him:​ ​ Follow us on our Social Media pages Facebook: Twitter: ​www.​ Instagram:
The world’s supply of cheap and clean fresh water will likely plummet as the climate warms and populations boom. Can we find ways to conserve, cut waste, and find new sources before it’s too late? The latest installment of our What Happens Next series looks for solutions in an unlikely spot: a city perched on the edge of the world’s oldest desert. For the residents of Windhoek, Namibia, the arid future arrived long before the growing freshwater crisis made headlines around the world. And this city responded to worsening cycles of drought by tapping water resources from a radical source that was already on hand: wastewater from their own city sewers. And while the technology for building a toilet-to-tap management system isn’t new, the mindset required to do here offers a lesson to any city facing an increasingly arid future. In collaboration with Retro Report, learn more here: Watch on Facebook: Quartz is a digitally native news outlet dedicated to telling stories at the intersection of the important and the interesting. Visit us at to read more. SUBSCRIBE to Quartz: Retro Report is an award-winning, digital-first documentary news organization dedicated to bringing context to today’s headlines by telling the story behind the news; it is non-partisan, independent and non-profit. More videos from Retro Report: